Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hola people, I think the blog post title pretty much says it all. You don't know a ton about me so I am going to make sure you leave here knowing a lot more about me.

Things you do know:
 I have really curly hair.

I have chickens who rock. Especially this one.
And I love love love photography.

And thats pretty much where your knowledge of me ends.
So here are lots a few things you probably don't know.

Things you don't know:
I really like fashion, and this is more or less what I look like like when I'm going to go somewhere.

I am really sarcastic.
I am extremely goofy.
I love doing hair and makeup.
I want to travel a lot.
I play a ton of soccer, seriously almost every single day.
There are a ton of things I would love to do. But haven't had the time to do.
There are a ton of things I want to be.
I am doing Project Life. You can learn all about it here.
I do singing for fun and some little competitions.
Orange is my favorite color.
I have dyed my hair lots of times, starting when I was 10 (my parents wanted to let me experiment). Mostly different reds. But my worst story yet is when it was so supposed to be bright red it turned out hot pink and was that way for 3 months.

I love lots of things:

Whew, it took a surprisingly long time to write all of that. When I started this I totally thought I knew what I was going to say then my mind came off blank.

So I really want to know what you all want to see here on my blog.
Give my ideas. Inspire me. Please! I need it.

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