Monday, January 07, 2013

Looking at the past week...

Hello hello! I am really excited to be participating in Project 52 this year. I am hoping that I can participate every week :) Here we go...

Some footprints in the snow on the 1st day of the year.
Dancer should be having her babies very soon! She is very loud and whiny, yet she still loves to be cuddled.
I can't wait!
Last year was the first time I hung Christmas lights up all around the house, then we never took them down so there are up year round now.
Christmas Lights
You may recall me sharing some pictures of this cutie a month or so ago. I babysat her again on Friday and took some very cute pictures of her! She was in a happy smiley mood :)
You may or may not have seen this picture for SHS a few days ago. This was my fabulous breakfast :)
Oh this was so gorgeous. On the way home from ODP soccer I had my dad stop so I could take some pictures. It was fabulous.
Sunset Lake

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