Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Rewind ~ Week 4

I can actually say that this was posted on Monday, at least I can if I can finsih it in the next half hour, so here we go!

Last monday was so so cold, single digits and no digits. I had some candles to make things a little cozy.

Along with the freezing cold, there were some really strong winds. On Tuesday I went out to find a big glass door on the ground shattered.

You may have already seen this picture a time or two, but here it is again. On Wednesday we got more snow and it was so pretty outside!

Thursday was a rare day. Ronnie actually stayed still long enough for me to get a few pictures!

Here I am talking about this amazing apple cinnamon cake again. I mean wow, it was so good I made it two days in a row. Recipe here.

On Saturday the sun was shining into my room and looking really cool. And I somehow got the idea to take some pictures of my eye.

Yes another barn photo. On Sunday I was supposed to have ODP so we drove the long drive for it and realized when we got there that it had been cancelled. Oops... We went shopping and I finally got some ramekins for some mini chicken pot pies! This was taken right after it stopped snowing.

Whoo! Thats like record time for writing a post. I hope you come back tomorrow to see some textures...

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P.S. How do you think my blog design is coming along? I would love to know what you think!