Saturday, January 05, 2013

SHS 1.5.13.

Hola hola, chicas and chicos! Happy Saturday! It has been a very low-key day here. I woke up late as a result of waking up very early yesterday then going to bed too late. Tomorrow I have ODP soccer (Olympic Developmental Program) so I actually need to go to bed very soon. But as usual I am squeezing this is!

Last week I discovered some frozen strawberries and have been mixing them with plain yogurt and granola for breakfast. SO GOOD!
 Okay so this is from last month, but I didn't have anything for the prompt (even though I thought I did..). So here is to a archive photo!

C is for Christmas lights! We keep them up year round because we like them so much.
Starts With The Letter C

So this isn't a picture I took, I created it on the computer. But this a bit what my future is going to be like, plus lots lots more! I am really really looking forward to this whole new year. I sense a good future coming my way :)

So you may have noticed that I don't have a picture for roll. I didn't get a picture for it and didn't really feel like dipping into my archives for the second time. I promise I will have everything for next week!

In the meantime go visit some other fabulous SHS posts here and have a wonderful Sunday!