Friday, June 21, 2013

Golden Summer

Summer weather around here is perfect even though it gets too hot which would in fact be the perfect weather for swimming but we only have a baby pool so its not too refreshing. And for our local pool its now $5 to get in and I really don't want to pay that much to go to the pool to go swimming for only 2hrs or less. But anyway time for summer golden hour sun flares!

We were leaving a soccer game and my sister handed me her camera and ran off to do who knows what and I wa-la, the golden hour happened! I took some pictures and got this one, with fairy dust magically coming from the sun.

And this one with a sun flare and some bokeh. I love it when that happens :)

I am hoping to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday tomorrow night but since I will be at a soccer tournament all day that I may or may not be playing in we will see what happens :)

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

SHS 6.15.13.

Hola! Yes I must be on a roll again 'cause this is my second post in 3 days. And I am overly excited to do SHS again this week after barely doing the past 5 weeks or so. It is one again in fact all cellphone pics but I still can't find my long lost camera so that is what I get to use. Actually my big sister is very generous and lets me use her DSLR a lot (that means when I sneak out the back porch and dart into the backyard to take pictures). So here we go!

Today (Saturday) was summer solstice in our little town and since I haven't been able to go for the past two years due to soccer tournaments I was SUPER excited. But I was you had been there Gigi! How could you leave me for a whole weekend to go to a regional worldwide soccer camp in Illinois? I will never forgive you. Unless you let me use your camera. Anyway I just went toally off topic. This is the huge lake in our little town that is so dark you can't see the bottom. Which is creepy.
Laughing is happening about 97% of the time around here. My lil sis I think has enjoyed my company this weekend without the big sis. So here is her fake laughing. Basically I told her to laugh and don't move so I could actually get a picture that was somewhat unblurry. Same for this next photo.

The lil sis loves posing for the tons of pictures I always want to take. I think. You was apparently dancing like someone with broken bones who was collapsing? Or something like that. Then she kept freaking out that people would see her and laugh.

Balloons totally scream summer? Right? No? Maybe?

Bed races are one of the best parts of the solstice. You have a team made out of 3 people and two people make the bed while one puts on a nightgown then the nightgown person jumps on the bed and they push her down the street where she has to eat a cookie and drink a cup of milk then you rush them back and its quite fun. Especially when the two people are going so fast they can't control the bed and almost smush people (that would be a awesome horrible mess!)

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hungry The Kitten ~ FINALLY

Can you believe it?! Last week when I said mentioned that maybe I would finally have a mini photo shoot with Hungry I was really just kidding myself. There was no way that I would actually ever take the pictures or post them. But guess what. After I published that post last week I was like "okay, what do I do now?" 'cause it was the only day out of the whole week where I don't have soccer so I didn't really have a ton to do... Then Hungry started like climbing on me being naughty and I ended up taking pictures. Here we are 6 days later, almost a week since I have posted and I am actually sharing them. Go me!

So here he is. The first picture I ever took of him. or at least the first picture I ever took on purpose. I did take some accidental ones with my phone. Please don't be fooled with this picture. He is totally trying to look innocent.

Then slightly less innocent. Kind of menacing.

Then his true self. Little tough guy! Or so he thinks anyway...

And then back to little innocent kitten. He can change his facial expressions so quickly he can fool anybody. 

So it may seem like I hate him or it may seem like I love him. and the answer is: BOTH. Its kind of like a love hate relationship. Kittens are adorable. Kittens are extremely naughty. But there is an excuse for all of that: He is just a kitten who misses all of his siblings that we sold to other people who needed/wanted a kitten. Anyway I love kittens, eye  boogers and all :)

Also I feel like I have to add this little story:
Last night I was reading about this Summer Solstice thing my town does every year and there was a newspaper on a little table right next to me and half of it was hanging over the edge of the table so there was nothing under it and and Hungry jumped on that part and went crashing to the floor (it was awesome) and then I kept re-setting the paper and luring him to that end and he just kept falling through and I was convinced that it was the funniest thing in the world. It was pretty funny.

Little Things Thursdays

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Pictures of a tree aka these are the only photos I have

1. Let me explain, these aren't literally the only photos I have, just the only ones that aren't ancient. You may know that I lost my camera somewhere in a unknown foreign place, that means probably somewhere in my room buried in who knows what. But anyway since my sisters isn't actually mine I don't get to use it whenever I want so then I have to use my phone for pictures... But these two pictures below were taken with her camera.

2. I never posted about the new trees we got in the fall because I put it off for like a week, then another week and then I forgot about it just like all the other things I forget to post about. But anyway, I don't remember what kind of tree this is but I do for a fact that it is a kind of tree. It took some hard studying to figure that out.

3. Another thing I stupidly never posted about was the fact that Dancer (the stray kitty that came to our house in the winter) had five kittens in like...March? Its true that I didn't get any good pictures of them and still haven't but still. We got my mother to give in and keep one (his name is Hungry/Boe and his farts stink.) so we still have one and hey maybe I will have a little photo shoot with him? And then never actually post about it?

4. I have finally come to terms with the fact that quality over quantity is better. In this case meaning blog posts. I visited a blog last week and I realized she posts about two times in a week  and a half and every time she posts her posts are awesome so I totally get it now! Go me!

5. One of my three hens has decided to go broody. It all started out at night last week when I was putting them away but I couldn't find her so I automatically starter to think the worst and think that she had been eaten by a stupid raccoon or some other animal. Then she came out the next day making broody noises (I just call it that for no apparent means she was blabbing nonstop) and I thought, hey she sounds like a broody hen! Then I realized. Dude we don't have a rooster so her eggs won't be fertilized and so she is sitting on a secret nest for nothing! And I feel bad so I plan on tracking her down and like...doing something about it.

P.S... Its time for me to re-design my blog again! Its been like two)ish) whole months so it. is. time.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Inspired Tuesday ~ June 3rd

Hi everyone. I have to make this a quick post! My mom arrived today from Canada to spend two weeks with us. We are so excited to have her here.

This week I want to feature This Post by Jack's Paper Moon. I always love the photos posted on this blog.. but I am just in LOVE with the last photo of this particular set.

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

My attempt at SHS ~ 6.1.13.

First off, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS JUNE. That means the year is half over which is bonkers. Second, this is my worst SHS attempt ever, I probably shouldn't even bother but whatever 'cause I am. So welcome...and I hope you are prepared to see some pretty cool stuff (or not).

I want these leggings. I think. Its not like I would ever wear them in public unless it was halloween or I was sleep deprived. Actually I probably would if I was felling confident and invincible.

I DID IT. I gave in and tried a Doritos locos taco...and was disappointed. It wasn't that good. Do you like them? Have you tried them?

You should go visit Bonnie's blog because it is in my top 5 favorite blogs. That must mean she's awesome.

We are in "The Capitol" (cap-i-tul 'cause that is how Effie Trinket says it) for a soccer tournament and went shopping and it was funn.

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