Saturday, June 15, 2013

SHS 6.15.13.

Hola! Yes I must be on a roll again 'cause this is my second post in 3 days. And I am overly excited to do SHS again this week after barely doing the past 5 weeks or so. It is one again in fact all cellphone pics but I still can't find my long lost camera so that is what I get to use. Actually my big sister is very generous and lets me use her DSLR a lot (that means when I sneak out the back porch and dart into the backyard to take pictures). So here we go!

Today (Saturday) was summer solstice in our little town and since I haven't been able to go for the past two years due to soccer tournaments I was SUPER excited. But I was you had been there Gigi! How could you leave me for a whole weekend to go to a regional worldwide soccer camp in Illinois? I will never forgive you. Unless you let me use your camera. Anyway I just went toally off topic. This is the huge lake in our little town that is so dark you can't see the bottom. Which is creepy.
Laughing is happening about 97% of the time around here. My lil sis I think has enjoyed my company this weekend without the big sis. So here is her fake laughing. Basically I told her to laugh and don't move so I could actually get a picture that was somewhat unblurry. Same for this next photo.

The lil sis loves posing for the tons of pictures I always want to take. I think. You was apparently dancing like someone with broken bones who was collapsing? Or something like that. Then she kept freaking out that people would see her and laugh.

Balloons totally scream summer? Right? No? Maybe?

Bed races are one of the best parts of the solstice. You have a team made out of 3 people and two people make the bed while one puts on a nightgown then the nightgown person jumps on the bed and they push her down the street where she has to eat a cookie and drink a cup of milk then you rush them back and its quite fun. Especially when the two people are going so fast they can't control the bed and almost smush people (that would be a awesome horrible mess!)

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Megan Bailey said...

That water looks so peaceful!

Nicki said...

I would say that you captured the essence of the prompts in each of these quite nicely. Sorry your camera is still MIA.

Tamar SB said...

Bed races! Sounds like such a fun celebration!

Linda R said...

That water shot is beautiful. I enjoyed your seeing your photos this morning..

Rainey said...

I love your first two shots. Lovely.

Kathy McB said...

TOTALLY lovin' that "laughter" shot...fantastic!

Jackie/Jake said...

Great selections! love laughter!

Ida said...

Fun choices for the prompts.
A lovely scenic lake.
Your little sister is adorable and looks like she had fun dancing and laughing for you.
The Helper shot was funny, bed races sound like fun.

A Quiet Corner said...

Little sis is adorable ...I am your newest follower, !...:)JP

Millie said...

Wonderful interpretations. I really like the picture you used for laugh.

I can't post with my open ID the way your comments are set up (stupid Blogger) because it says the url is missing, but it isn't. It will let me use the open ID if comments are embedded.

Teresa from Eden Hills

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Great shots! Those bed races look like fun!

Nina said...

Beautiful Pictures, Yolanda!
I just love the one with the Smile - your focus and perspective ... and the feeling of it - I can almost hear the giggle :)