Friday, June 07, 2013

Pictures of a tree aka these are the only photos I have

1. Let me explain, these aren't literally the only photos I have, just the only ones that aren't ancient. You may know that I lost my camera somewhere in a unknown foreign place, that means probably somewhere in my room buried in who knows what. But anyway since my sisters isn't actually mine I don't get to use it whenever I want so then I have to use my phone for pictures... But these two pictures below were taken with her camera.

2. I never posted about the new trees we got in the fall because I put it off for like a week, then another week and then I forgot about it just like all the other things I forget to post about. But anyway, I don't remember what kind of tree this is but I do for a fact that it is a kind of tree. It took some hard studying to figure that out.

3. Another thing I stupidly never posted about was the fact that Dancer (the stray kitty that came to our house in the winter) had five kittens in like...March? Its true that I didn't get any good pictures of them and still haven't but still. We got my mother to give in and keep one (his name is Hungry/Boe and his farts stink.) so we still have one and hey maybe I will have a little photo shoot with him? And then never actually post about it?

4. I have finally come to terms with the fact that quality over quantity is better. In this case meaning blog posts. I visited a blog last week and I realized she posts about two times in a week  and a half and every time she posts her posts are awesome so I totally get it now! Go me!

5. One of my three hens has decided to go broody. It all started out at night last week when I was putting them away but I couldn't find her so I automatically starter to think the worst and think that she had been eaten by a stupid raccoon or some other animal. Then she came out the next day making broody noises (I just call it that for no apparent means she was blabbing nonstop) and I thought, hey she sounds like a broody hen! Then I realized. Dude we don't have a rooster so her eggs won't be fertilized and so she is sitting on a secret nest for nothing! And I feel bad so I plan on tracking her down and like...doing something about it.

P.S... Its time for me to re-design my blog again! Its been like two)ish) whole months so it. is. time.

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Nicki said...

I'm with you on stepping back from the daily post deal - just not feeling it right now. I like your tree (or very tall shrub) shots and look forward to hearing about and possibly seeing pictures of your new kitten.

Amarie B said...

Amen, amen, amen on the quality over quantity! I see so many blogs that post everyday nonsense, sometime 2 and three times a day. Ugh!

Kim Cunningham said...

Love the trees. Hope you are having a great Friday. Have fun playing with your blog design! ;)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Yolanda - we all get burned out on blogging. It just happens.

Hope you find your camera. xo

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Poor little hen, wanting to be a mom so bad. I think summer causes us all to get tired of the break from blogging also.

Mona's Picturesque said...

I’m finally going through Floral Love submissions form last Friday! Thrilled to be here ♥ Thanks for sharing your gorgeous flowers Yolanda!

Kim Cunningham said...

Hey Yolanda! I'm trying to access your most current post, and I keep getting a "this page no longer exists"message. Just thought I'd let you know I tried to visit your kitty picture. I also tried to access your tweet button and got the same msg.