Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm baaaack! For today at least.

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking 'I will totally do a blog post today, or tomorrow.' and I NEVER got around to it! So here we are and it has been almost a month since I have posted. That is a really long time. Part of it was that our main computer broke and I hated typing out posts on our tiny laptops but another part. I left last Sunday for ODP (Olympic Developmental Program) in Illinois and didn't get back home until Wednesday then I had some down time for a day and a half and left Friday night for a soccer tournament and got back last night (Sunday). And now... *drum roll* we get to go on a vacation to Colorado! We haven't been on a vacation in 5 years (when we went to Colorado) and so its a pretty big deal for us.

We will be going to this huge amusement park, my uncles cabin, having a huge birthday bash... I can't wait :)

When I haven't had soccer I have done other summery stuff: fireworks, swimming, boating ect. tons of fun!

I was SO glad that I got at least one awesome fireworks shot this year, unlike last year. Mind you, this was pretty much the only good one I got because I forgot to actually read about what settings I should put my sisters camera on.

And speaking of cameras... While I was at ODP camp my mom found my camera that has been missing since early May! Perfect timing as now I can actually take some good pictures in Colorado.

I obviously probably won't do any posts while I'm on vacation but I may sneak one in. When I get back I can't wait to share pictures with you all.

So for the meantime, I will 'see' you all soon!!

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