Saturday, January 19, 2013

SHS 1.19.13.

Hola! I am super tired from my soccer tournament today so this is going to be a quick post, but heres a little quickie about it! We got first place! I scored around 10 goals in just 4 games (I know right...) and overall it was totally awesome. I am totally thrilled. Here we go with some creative pictures and some not so creative pictures...

Look I have my very own playground! I was stuck on this one because it has been way too cold to go to a park, but I got a bit creative with it!

I got some delicious hot chocolate on Tuesday and I recycled the cup!
So this is from last week but it was perfect for the prompt. Its an automobile with rain!

This was a awkward experience. I was at a soccer tournament all day (which we won!) and I thought oh there will be plenty plenty that I can take pictures. But between games I was having so much fun hanging out with the girls that I totally forgot. So when we were leaving I remembered that I didn't have a picture. So I snapped this picture and didn't realize flash was on and the mom turned around and I said "Oh sorry I was taking a picture of that car." And she laughed really awkwardly.
People Watching

Ok total stretch here. This is kind of like a basket? Maybe? No? Okay I didn't think so..

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