Friday, January 04, 2013

Little Letters...

Hello hello everyone! So far I have been doing well with the 365 photo challenge, even if it is only 4 days in! Now lets write some letters...

Dear Christmas lights, even if Christmas is past you are still staying up for the rest of the year and then longer.

Dear camera, I know you have been lonely the past month but I am back and ready to make you work very hard!

Dear snow, I love how much there is of you,  but I am hating the freezing cold weather (and so are the chickens!)!

Dear 2013, I am looking forward to spending time with you. I am sure we will have some very fun times together. Heres to a fantasticly fantastic 2013!

Dear life, I can't wait to see what new and exciting things you have in store for me. But whatever it is, I'm sure its going to be awesome :)

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