Saturday, January 12, 2013

SHS 1.12.13.

Hello hello! This week went by super fast and I didn't take a whole ton of pictures. and so I was rushing around today trying to get pictures for all of the prompts (which I did!) but my camera and my sisters were both dead so I had to use the video camera which takes really bad pictures, so if you don't mind I am going to have them all in a smaller size so you can't see just how blurry and grainy they are!

One of my prettiest chickens backside. When I rescued her from the guy who had her pretty much in a jail she barely had a tail at all so I am pretty proud that I rescued her, along with 9 others :) You can read all about it here. She isn't actually in the post but theres a whole story. And if you do head on over please don't mind the blog design, its currently in progress!
A cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane! It was right as I was about to have a photo shoot with this when I noticed that my camera was dead. I only freaked out a little, I promise.
A Cup Of
Yes! Sun-flare! I always get excited when I capture one. So this is officially one of my new favorite pictures.
This was taken through a dirty window and so with this camera I'm surprised this turned out how it did.
This one was particularly grainy. But I think you get the point when I say that marbles are little?
Little Things

Well this one I actually took yesterday with my lovely camera so I can have it full size!
I was having fun with some paper hearts :)

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