Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My 13 Goals For 2013

Hello hello! This year I decided to make a list of goals that I would like to accomplish, mind you these are not resolutions. Cause I don't do that. So here we go...

Eat healthier - I don't really like a lot of vegetables but I kind of need to eat them, soo... Also I literally don't like eating anything green, unless you count green jello, or green pistachios.

Stop picking at my face - Yeah you read that right. I pick at my face too much. I have been doing a lot better, but I need to stop.

Complete my 365 photo challenge - I really want to do this! Along with a couple more photo challenges.
I hope i remember to take a picture every day, I won't post a picture day on my blog necessarily but if you follow me on twitter I will be tweeting them there!

Smile more -   I started smiling a lot more in 2012. And I will continue in 2013!

Spend less, save more - I don't spend a ton of money. But since me and my sister are going to Finland in 2014 and we are paying for it by ourselves. I need to start spending less so I have more money to spend there!

Learn how to crochet and or knit - I really want to learn how to do one or both of these, seriously!

Capture more moments with my camera - I would really love to dothis. I capture a lot, but I still want to capture more!

Go to the beach - The last time I went to the beach was when I saw really little so I don't really remember it.
It can be nearby or farther but I need to go!

Read 52 books in a year - This past year I have really slacked off reading, besides cookbooks and  and design books I probably only read 7 books or so.

Try 52 new recipes - I read a ton of cookbooks but I never actually make anything. Here's to baking an cooking more!

Carve my name on a tree - There is nothing behind this idea, I just want to do it.

Go to Zumba every other week - Zumba! I started going a little over a month ago and I love it! You should totally try it out...

Eat. Live. Dream. - Do I really have to describe this?

Well there we go. What do you think?

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Nugget on a Budget.

Wait one more thing! Dancer the kitten is going to have her babies soon! Apparently when they start making a bunch of weird yowl-y kind of sounds it is a sign of labor? That is what she is doing.