Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Memories, Dreams, and Reflections.

Hello hello! Happy New Year! This evening I have spent smelling lots of candles, eaten too much candy, and played some board games with the family. 
Since around Thanksgiving I have been really bad with this whole blogging thing, I haven't posted nearly as much as I would like too, but for the new year I am looking forward to finally getting back into the groove! For now here are my Memories, Dreams, and Reflections.

This is actually my feet, in my cozy fall boots.
 If you have followed me for a while you probably know who Mumu is. He was my best kitty ever.
He loved catching chipmunks and getting lots of cuddles. But very, very unfortunately he was either stolen or hit by a car. As I can't imagine that he would ever run away.
I Love You
 To this moment, whenever I look at this photo I laugh. I have shared it countless times on my blogs.
And I just love it. Danish the chicken everyone!
Still Laughing
 I have also shared this photo a couple times, taken pretty recently this is my favorite winter photo that I have taken so far.
Winter Wonderland
 Every year during my birthday it is the county fair time.  We are always there for the full 4 days having lots of fun with the goats, eating too much ice cream, and finding silly things to do. This was my birthday ice cream!
 I think I was a bit inspired by my sister Tayet with this photo, she took a photo much like this with her first camera and I took a picture a lot like it this year :) Thats even her hand in the photo!
 I so enjoyed this Spring. I took about a million pictures of these flowers.
Spring Fever
 We don't really travel much, but when we do it is generally for soccer. We visited the capitol of Wisconsin during our last little trip. It was also the day we got our first snowfall of the winter!
 I like this picture so much. We went out for a birthday dinner and a bride and groom were getting into this behind the restaurant, I took so many pictures and loved every second of it!
Summer Days
 A typical day in my life is cuddling this fantastic kitty of mine, Billie. Shes a total butt ball but I love her to death.
A Day In My Life
 One of my favorite photos from this fall, this was such a lovely day...
Autumn Harvest
 4th of July. I took about 300 pictures that night. It was so pretty and overall pretty awesome.
 Every year I always get sick of summer really quickly, I think everything looks the same, green this green that. Maybe some brown thrown in. But looking through all my pictures from this summer I found this one, and I am finding it to be so pretty. So I say, lets do it again, summer!
Let's Do It Again
 Here he is again. This was one of the first 100 pictures that I ever took. I find that pretty awesome.
I Miss You
 I really love this photo. And I loved getting up close and personal with all of the day lilies this year.
I think this may very well be one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I was looking for these particular flowers and a garden shop and I just fell in love with them.

 I really like how this photo turned out. I didn't have my tripod with me so I knew that it would be shaky and I was kind of bummed. I was surprised with the result!

 I think this was a highlight of my year. Starting this blog. I really liked doing my other blog Chickens on the Moon but I wanted to venture out a bit in the blogging world and so I started this blog. And I got into a awesome blogger design ecourse taught by the lovely Desirae so I learned all about design.
My Favorite
 Truthfully I hope my curly hair never changes. If I had straight hair I don't think I would like it much
Don't Ever Change
 I'm going exactly with what the prompt says on this one.
Just Because, So There!
 I am dreaming of all the beautiful seasons and weather to come. Heres to 2013!
Hopes and Dreams

This year has truly been a learning experience. On November 14th 2011 I decided I wanted to make a blog, I got a name (Chickens on the Moon) and set it all up. Then I forgot about it till Feburary 3rd 2012. Since then here are the stats from both of blogs. put together. 245 posts. 2000+ comments. 126 followers.
So thank you! I am truly looking forward to this next year to grow in the blogging world and just in general.

Happy New Year!!