Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Single Digits

It. Is. So. Cold.
It is supposed to get down to -5 tonight, and it was colder last night. It is supposed to start warming up tomorrow the high is 11 with the chance of some very light snow. 
On a second note, I checked out this book from the library today, its called Simply Beautiful Photographs and is so awesome I have fallen in love with it. There are some especially awesome summer pictures in it they are almost making me drool. Weird but totally true.
Okay here are some pictures!

Today I have edited the same picture twice, one cold looking and one with warmer colors.

This was taken last week but it pretty much looks the same now. The sun is out but its not doing anything to make it warmer. I think this pretty much says winter.

This version on the other hand looks more like everything is melting (don't let it fool you...) and I personally like this version more.

This is the first winter I have ever looked forward too and it was good with a few good blizzards but I am so ready for Spring! As you may be able to tell from my new header...

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