Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 52 - Week 3

Hello friends! Happy Monday! I will most likely have 3 or 4 soccer games tonight, I am only signed up to be on 2 but I always seem to get recruited for a few other games, but I really don't mind. So lets rewind the week!

Me and Billie had some fun photoshoots this week! Fridays post was all about Billie, go check it out!

Whipped cream on some hot chocolate.. What could be better?

There was a lot of melting snow earlier this week but now I can't see anything melting because it is no degrees outside. Literally.

Sun flare and bokeh. Gorgeous right? I realize that the propane tank and house in the background really does not do the picture any favors but I simply do not have the skills in Photoshop to get them out of the picture.

So yes I have two pictures from Thursday but I couldn't decide which one to use so you get both.
This was taken right after Zumba ended. And it was as usual, tons of fun!

There was a very bright sunset with light but beautiful colors on Friday, I Took a ton of photos.

If you saw this weeks SHS post you already saw this photo. And you know that it was time for some slightly embarrassing taking pictures of strangers time.

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