Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello! I was sitting at the computer trying to remember what I was going to post today but I couldn't remember. So I started looking through all of my photos and found all my snowshoeing pictures from Friday! Yay for snowshoeing by candlelight...

Very beginning of the trail, about 5:50

Candle, 6:05

Tiki torches for the cross country skiing path, 6:15

I have finally jumped on the moon textures train! Loving it although I think this photo is too halloweeny? 6:30
Texture Credit to Anna Lenabem.

Silhouettes,  6:38

Snowshoes, 6:41

Creepy Little Building, 6:50

The times by each picture were so you could see about how long it took me to finish a 3 mile trail. But the times are not all going to be right, because they are mostly guesses!

It was a really fun night, we started out by driving the hour or so drive listening to Christina Aguilera.
Then went snowshoeing for about 2 hours. 
Then we went to Olive Garden (so good!) basically for free because I had a gift card from coaching soccer. 
Then we went grocery shopping and went home.

I make it seem like a really short night but it wasn't and was really fun!


Brandee Shafer said...

Oh! I've never been snowshoeing! Looks and sounds so fun! Coming to you via Imperfect Prose.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Pretty, Yolanda. :)

Hopping over from the link up at Imperfect Prose...

Jennifer Dougan

Nicki said...

Snowshoeing sounds more appealing to me with a little more daylight warmth. Loving the moon scene - very cool!

Meri said...

Wow -- that's an adventure. I hope there was hot chocolate with whipped cream or hot mulled cider at the end.