Monday, February 04, 2013

Project 52 ~ Week 5

Hello hello! This has to be a quickie cause I have a couple soccer games to go play in. But I had to share these photos before I left otherwise I would be posting it like 5 mins before midnight.

I shared this recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin cookies on Wednesday, go check it out here.

On Tuesday it was in the high 50 and low 60's and the stream was so high! We haven't seen it nearly this high in a long time. Almost the whole summer it wasn't even moving there was so little water.
The one time it had a lot of water in it was when we got a big flood it was about 5 or 6 wider in each direction and the current was super strong.

These, were so good. Triple Chocolate cookies, recipe coming soon!

If you visited on Thursday you saw a whole bunch of my macros with lots of textures. My secret to getting a clean background? I hold up paper behind whatever I am taking a picture of and bamm, clean background.

I'm not sure what kind of naughty animal footprints these are, do you?

On Saturday I went out and took a whole bunch of pictures, the sun was out but it was freezing.

We have a whiteboard in our dining room where everyone can write notes and my mom wrote this on Sunday and at first I didn't get but know I think its pretty funny. Do you get it?

On Sunday the sun came out for a while and there were shadows all over the house.

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