Saturday, February 09, 2013

SHS 2.9.13.

Hello once again! Its official, I have been participating in SHS for a whole year now! Time just flies by... As you can see I am re-designing my blog, again. I can't seem to get something that I really want to stick with but I hope I can come up with something! I made maybe 10 new headers yesterday and this is my favorite so far. I love this font so you will probably be seeing quite a bit of it.

 So we have this big clearing in our woods and there was tons of perfect untouched snow so I drew and wrote tons of stuff. This was pretty cool I thought. Its like free blog advertising!


A sun flare is a work of art right? I some way?
Work of Art
 The first baby goat of the baby goat season was born on Thursday, and she is tiny! You can read Quinoa's story here.
The Small Things
 I'm not big on Valentine's Day so this is the most I do for it. Drawing in the snow is so awesome :)

I was taking pictures of birds through the window a lot this week. This is one of my favs, a little Chickadee.
Window Beauty

The Simple Things

Weekly Topshot
Serenity Saturday