Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Love Edition

Hola! This week Texture Tuesday's theme is Love. And I wanted to share a picture of something that I love.


I love sunsets, like a lot. Lately we haven't had any really colorful sunsets so tonight I was really excited to finally have one. I'm calling this one fire and ice.
I used Kim's texture Havana 

And this doesn't really have anything to do with the post but I wanted to show you all how much ice there is all over the place. On Sunday everything melted and then froze and so now there is tons of ice.
And okay I actually like ice 'cause its fun to slip and slide on on.

Sweet Shot Tuesday


Nicki said...

Beautiful sunset and wow, that is some serious ice.

I visited on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt but it would not allow me to leave any comments. Glad to see that has been remedied. (gotta give my shout outs)

Karen said...

A pretty sunset! Don't slip on that ice!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous sunset!

AmitAag said...

Lovely pictures! A very nice post!
-your latest follower

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful sunset! I would be afraid to slip on the ice, you are brave! Have a happy day!

Julie said...

Gorgeous color in your photo! Love the landscape photo! Be careful on that ice, girl! Visiting from TT!

Rambling Woods said...

Sometimes I forget to go out and enjoy something as accessible as a sunset..but we too have tons of ice here near Buffalo NY.. Yolanda thank you for linking into Nature Notes..Michelle