Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Rewind ~ Week 6

Hola, happy Monday! so who watched The Grammys last night? I was live tweeting for most of the show. If you don't follow me already I would love for you to do so here. I think Katy Perry was my favorite dress, and my least favorite was Adele. I absolutely love love Adele but dress was too frumpy and floral for my taste.

Hearing: Taylor Swift - Last Kiss
Feeling: Fluffy baby blankets
Tasting: My fruit punch flavored water
Seeing: Dora the Explorer and baby
Smelling: My grapefruit perfume

Since I'm not at home I don't have all of this weeks photos but oh well. I promise I took a photo every day!


Chickadee Monday!  It was sunny out last Monday with lots of birds.
Today it is gray and snowing again.


On Tuesday I went to the doctor for my knee. It is just a strained tendon, nothing too serious. I have a couple of games to play in tonight but we will have to see what my knee feels like.


It was a rather lazy day 'cause of my hurt knee I couldn't really do much, I had a bit of photography fun though! Any kind of fruit + 7UP = cool stuff.


On Thursday the first baby goat of the season was born.
And there were a whole ton of birds by our birdfeeders.


 It was really sunny out but jeez it was cold.

And I don't have Saturday or Sundays photos.

I would love for you to come back tomorrow for Inspired Tuesdays! I am co-hosting with Dawn from Dawns Disaster and Desirae from Sommerfugl Design and Not So Ugly Ducklings, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Project 52 with Gina and  Tamar
Project 52 with Kent Weakley
Macro Monday

I am off to keep on babysitting, play time!



Tamar SB said...

Fruit and 7Up - way cool! I didn't watch the grammys but seriously, what was Adele wearing! Off to follow you on twitter!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love those little birdies.

Nicki said...

Glad your knee issue is not too serious. Bubbly fruit is always fun to photograph - like the coloring on this shot.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Great pics. I hope your knee feels better!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh my - that last one is just stunning. I love it when the sun comes out & the snow just glistens.