Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 of the Same

Hello! This has to be a quick one, I have an important practice with a new team!  This post contains 3 photos of the same sunset at different times. Take a look :)


15 mins later

8 mins later

 Awesome right? Personally my favorite is the last one, I love the silhouettes and strong colors.
How about you, which one is your favorite?

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McGuffy Ann said...

I did a similar post of three sunrises, each in a town named Danville, three different states.
P.S.Your recipes look great!

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Yes! I agree, it really is awesome. I'd love to get out and capture some sunsets - somehow I just keep missing them.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Love the pink and black. Beautiful captures!

Megan Bailey said...

Beautiful! I love the last photo too!

Meri said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly it goes? You have to be prepared, or you miss the moment.

Amarie said...

The one in the middle is nice - has a bright, warm feel to it.

wilson tom said...

Hi I am a new follower to your lovely blog (Via GFC)and it really feel pleasure meeting new awesome bloggers like you. Found your blog through Loves on a Thursday.

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Nicki said...

Really liking the time-lapsed sky pictures being posted on blogs lately - these do not disappoint. I especially like that second one.

Good luck on the new team.

mail4rosey said...

Very awesome, and my favorite is the last one too.

I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

Holly said...

Beautiful pictures.

Laura said...

your photos fill me with joy:-)

Deanna said...

Each one has their own beauty, I think the 1st & 3rd are my picks.

Emily Wierenga said...

beautiful photography, yolanda. thanks so much for linking with imperfect prose. e.

Jennifer Dougan said...


Lovely sunsets. I'm hopping over from the Imperfect Prose link up.

Nice to meet you. :)

Jennifer Dougan