Saturday, March 02, 2013

SHS 3.2.13.

Hola hola! Today was so very cold but very sunny.
And I am proud to say that I have officially been in a Harlem Shake video, its not better then my Eye of The Tiger video though :P That would be kind of hard to do. 
Lets get on to the hunt, which by the way I loved this week because there has been a serious lack of color around here...

Lots of blue skies today! I love the golden hues with the blue..
And I love this old twisty Oak!

The sunset tonight was so so gorgeous.
I was taking care of some horses and a goat for a friend and I started taking tons of pictures, I couldn't decide if this was yellow or orange though...

As I said earlier I participated in my first Harlem Shake video.
This was my awesome red decor. I also has a santa hat but no pictures of that...

I love photographing fences, like a lot. Especially when the sun is creating a golden haze over everything!

This was the most green I could find, which is kind of sad. March is supposed to be green and warm, today was the exact opposite of warm!

Weekly Top Shot #72
Serenity you


abrianna said...

The fence shot is lovely.

kewkew said...

I love the blue showing through the tree in your first shot. I always love to see sunset shots, yours is lovely. And the fence is really pretty too.

Buckeroomama said...

You got me googling for Harlem Shake. :)

I love that last shot --the details are so sharp!

Tamar SB said...

Love the fence shot! My school made a Harlem Shake video this week, too! I wasn't in it, I just recorded the fun on my camera!

Nicki said...

I guess I'm a little current in that I have heard of the Harlem Shake, but honestly haven't seen it yet. But good for you for being in one (I guess!). Loving that light against the fence line. Well done on collecting your colors (except the green - kinda sad there - but soon, oh too soon we'll be mowing that stuff and cursing under our breath). Have a great day Yolanda.

Nina Bille said...

The video project sounds ecxiting! The rosa-pink light in your pictures is beautiful - the golden light on the fence as well!

Deanna said...

Looks as cold and snowy there as it is here...beautiful sun shot thru the trees, perfect composition. Can't say that I know anything about Harlem Shake, must be too old. Have a great week ahead, sweets.

Ida said...

Very nice set.
I liked your Red shot a lot.
My favorite was your Yellow shot of the fence.
Your green, oh that is sad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #72!

Anonymous said...

I bet it will warm up and turn green by the end of March. I think I must be the only person so out of touch that I don't know what the "Harlem Shake" is. Might have to check it out. Your pictures in the golden light are wonderful!

Megan Bailey said...

I love your yellow photo!