Sunday, March 31, 2013

From Me to You {PLEASE READ}

Hello everyone, over the past few weeks you may have noticed that I have not been posting as often. 
And I have been thinking very hard about the future for this little blog of mine.

This weekend something became clear to me.

Blogging has done good and bad things for me.

Good things: I have 'met' some amazing people and have developed my photography skills beyond what I imagined.

Bad things: I barely have any time to do anything else, I have been so involved in blogging and online in general that I don't get enough sleep and am always lacking energy.

I've decided to delete this blog at this end of this month.
Soon soccer will be picking up. And when I'm not at soccer I will be outside building new chicken pens and planting my garden and will not have nearly enough time for this little blog of mine.

I will be selling my laptop and iPhone and that will be it.

{april fools}

Ha! Happy April Fools day! I don't think I could ever stop blogging so this is me just being mean {or funny}.
And just for future reference I don't even have my own laptop or an iPhone{yet).

No hard feelings right?


Gracie O'Tripp said...

You got me when you said you were selling your laptop. That was serious. I had forgotten about April Fools.

Nina said...

Oh boy - good it only was an april joke! As I saw the " keep calm and say good bye" I was getting worried of what you were about to say next!
Happy Easter to you, you must be looking for the opening of the
soccer season :-) So happy you won't close your blog, Yolanda!

McGuffy Ann said...

Well, you had me. So many people have taken breaks and even stopped blogging. I was surprised that you would, but I was that they did. Glad you are still here.

Tatiana said...

omg, you definitely got me! good one :P your 'keep calm' poster frightened me a bit XD

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Ha ha! You had me going for a minute :)

Ellen said...

You definitely got me in more than one way. I was surprised to hear that you had a laptop and iPhone to sell, that you would sell them if you had them, that you're online enough to keep you from sleeping and that you'd give it up. You really got me because I didn't see this until May 29th! LOL

Love you!
Auntie Ellen