Friday, March 08, 2013

My Random 5

1. I am currently learning the cup song. And it is awesome. Even though it annoys my dad, a lot.

2. I am going to a fantastically awesome and fun soccer practice tonight. And then I have a soccer game on both Saturday and Sunday :)

3. On Wednesday instead of sharing one recipe, I will be sharing two! The picture above is one of them, but the other will be a surprise :)

4. I want to know what you want to see here on my blog! If you read my blog often and know what I post regularly but would like to see more, let me know what you would like to see and I will see what I can do :)

5. Pinterest is my secret best friend, no joke. 

the long road


Nina Bille said...

Hi Yolanda,
The chocolate zucchini cake looks delicious ... waiting for the recipe :-)
Thank you so much for the tip of making a blog button on a Picmonkey ... I googled a tutorial, and finally succeeded in doing the first (150x150) - I have other sizes as well, but that may wait a bit :-)
Have a great weekend,

1 of the Creekside Team said...

thanks ... SOMEONE'S making chocolate healthy! Yeah!!!


Deanna said...

I always like to know about the person writing the blog...if you are asking. And that cake looks delicious!!

Nicki said...

now I know what I am sitting here craving. chocolate! This looks so moist and so chocolate - goodness!!!

Hope soccer practice was seriously awesome! :)

Barbara said...

Yummie, that chocolate bread looks delicious and I'm curious about the second recipe.

McGuffy Ann said...

This is an interesting post! And the bread looks good!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

such a fun post. oh my goodness... that bread looks delicious! :)