Friday, March 29, 2013

Random 5...

Soo...  Its time for some random five facts! Just a couple things from this past week starting with Sunday...

1 -  I had a soccer game that I had literally been waiting for for two years! Just so I could play against this one guy that I had played against two years earlier. So in that game so long ago I made him cry. Not because I hurt him, but because there was a free kick near the goal and he was in goal and I shielded him (just stood in front of him) and he started freaking out because he couldn't see the ball. This may seem very cruel of me but on the field I just can't help that kind of thing! Anyway, on Sunday I almost made him cry again, not quite but almost! I made him yell at me a few times and whine a bit but that was it.

2 - You may have heard already, but on Monday our barn burnt down. There were 4 goats (3 of them little babies), 8 chickens and a duck inside any they went off to the animal happy place.. It was a very sad day and you can read all about it here.

3 - On Wednesday it was so warm! I was actually outside in shorts and a t-shirt (please note that when I say it was warm it was only actually like 45 degrees!) and it was so awesome, a few people asked me if I was cold and I told them that I was pretending that it was actually Spring so no I wasn't cold.

4 - Thursday I went and worked at the Library and tried to get the printer to print onto some small labels, it was definitely a fail... Then I went to the docter with my sister and she got her cast off! I was totally going to video tape it but we forgot the video camera, and I really wished I had it 'cause when she heard the saw thingy she screamed super loud and a nurse came running in to make sure no one was dying!

5 - It was in the 50's today and it was fabulous, I was outside with the remaining chickens 'sun tanning'. I really can't wait for Spring!

I will be back tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I hope you come and take a look!


Nicki said...

Sounds like a full week (still, very very sorry about the barn and animals). See you on Sunday!

amanda said...

Very sorry to hear about your barn & sad about the animals.
We are feeling the same way in northern MN about the weather.. my little kids have had their flip flops & shorts on. My kindergartener put on shades & took a bean bag out to sit on the deck. :)
The snow is still so deep here, but you can hear it melting & running off the roof all day long.
I had no idea you are so young! Good for you, having this blog - you do a great job!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, honey, about the animals. With kidding this week, I haven't been in the blogosphere.

Tatiana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your animals :( -hugs-

but happy to hear about the sunlight! today is our first actually warm day (although there's still snow on the ground) and I'm overjoyed :D

Hannah Brooker said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your barn and the livestock you lost :(
I can't believe how hot it is there! Share some sun?! x