Thursday, March 14, 2013

More letters!

This is me dreaming about spring/summer.
I wish this is what it looked like outside. But instead it is mid 20's and there is still plenty of snow.

Dear Rockabilly Rosie...  I love how you wear your bandanna. And since I've been working in the kitchen for 2 days straight keeping my hair out of my face is definitely a good thing! So this is currently what my hair looks like:

Dear camera... I have been neglecting you. Back in February when I started missing out with my 365 my mind apparently decided that you needed a little break... Once Spring comes you will hopefully be busy again :) 

Dear kitchen... I can't wait till we start painting and making the whole kitchen pretty!
I wanted you to be yellow but someone(mom...)said that wasn't a very good idea.

Dear Pinterest... In the last week I have grown even more obsessed. Looking for kitchen inspiration and most of all, some delicious recipes!

Dear Macarons... Yum. I haven't never had the chance to take a taste but I want to! One of my new goals is too make some in a whole rainbow of colors. 

Dear Saturday... I know I should live in the moment, but Saturday is going to be so much fun! When me and these two girls get together it is a absolute blast. Fun, crazy, and tiring. I can't wait :)

P.S. You may have heard already, but as of July, Google Reader is going away! Which means if you follow me via GFC you won't be able to anymore. So I would really appreciate it if you would follow me via Bloglovin! I have a handy dandy little button in my sidebar, its super easy and I would appreciate it so much :)


Lish Hummel said...

Cute post :) I don't think GFC is going anywhere though just google reader...Happy Thursday!!

Tamar SB said...

If you do GFC you can get your blogger feed on the main page - so no worries there!

Kim Cunningham said...

Oh yes, I think many a photog gets the winter shooting blues. Once spring hits, you'll be inspired once again!

McGuffy Ann said...

I love these letters! Cathartic.
My husband's nickname is Rockabilly. He plays it quite well on his guitar.

Meri said...

Adorable post -- and I'm not a yellow lover, but I painted my kitchen yellow nine years ago and I've felt like there was sunshine all year round.

Renae at simple sequins said...

hi Yolanda! Nice to see you here again. I miss my photo-bloggers. With me doing more thrifty finds I seem to be not seeing my Photography Buds as much. Yay to you!

Bi Ti said...

Dear Yolanda, I love reading your post :) Thank you for sharing it with pret-a-vivre!

Have fun Saturday!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Love your notable missives♫♪ Am using my phone camera and finding I can take interesting shots even in dreary days...My Waltz effort: