Saturday, May 04, 2013


Hello people... You may be visiting for my SHS post and wondering where the heck my post is. Short story long:

Yesterday I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures all week because when I was babysitting I ended up leaving my camera (and phone) at the peoples house so that is partly why I haven't posted since Tuesday but I also just didn't feel like posting.

Then yesterday while reading a post they mentioned the hunt and I was like "Oh yeah! I have once again left the hunt to the last minute! So it will either be a fail or not happen." I was hoping for a fail ('cause come on, you guys could have totally used your imaginations!) and that is what I planned on doing, until I couldn't find my camera (I have a thing for misplacing everything) so I couldn't put pictures on the computer and do my epic fail post.

So I'm sorry if I have failed you, and I may come up with something tomorrow but for now...well yeah. We all know I probably won't. 'Cause I also have another game tomorrow and then if we win that we are in the championship.

And while we are talking about soccer I will let you know that we won both of our games today but the first one absolutely sucked. It may partly be because it was at 8am and we all probably all stayed up late, but also because we were being lazy. Oh and I scored a goal on a penalty kick (I am the queen of penalty kicks).

Second game (6 hours later, yes our games were 6 hours apart. But I didn't mind 'cause I got to have lots of fun with a awesome friend who I haven't hung out with since summer.) we won 3-0 (I think) and I scored one goal where it hit the bottom of the crossbar bounced down and in zig zags and stuff and then went in. And then one of my signature goals where I dribble past at least 7 people with my fancy shmancy footwork and pass the ball to the corner of the goal. And yes, I do know that my footwork is very pretty and annoys people when I don't pass.

Now I will go sleep.

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Deanna said...

Congrats on your win, I didn't participate in shs this week either, just not enough time in the day.

Jess said...

Haha, I know this feeling about not really feeling like posting!

(PS I sent you an email a few days back, sorry that it took me SO long to get back to you! No rush to reply, I just didn`t want you to think I was off ignoring you or anything!! :) )