Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chipping + I have failed

I haven't posted since Thursday... I totally told myself that I was going to post everyday last week and I was off to a good start, I posted 3 whole days in a row but then I got lazy again. SO for like 3 weeks I have been a lazy blogger barely posting...oops? Oh yeah and I have officially skipped 3 whole weeks of scavenger hunt sunday. I actually took all of the pictures I needed for this last week but since I was in the middle of another soccer tournament I never ever got around to it. I was going to post it yesterday but then...I didn't. But, I will do it this week. I have to or else it will be an all time fail.

This was one of my pictures for the hunt as the prompt was 'fence' which obviously this was perfect for.
Textured with Kim Klassen's Sybil

So I think I have a recipe for tomorrows post, chocolate pancakes I think, and they just happen to be vegan. Even though I'm not into vegan stuff. But I will post this week! Everyday! I think!

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Kim Cunningham said...

Mini blogging absences are usually temporary. Sometimes you just hit a busy patch. Hope you bounce back soon! Love the texture of the fence!

bettyl said...

Don't beat yourself up--real life comes before blogging. We understand! Great photo edit.

Amarie B said...

There are no rules. Blog when you feel like it and when you can. :)

amanda | wildly simple said...

Great chippy fence, Yolanda!
And I sure don't think you've failed. I failed to blog for at least that long, too.
I think we're both still winners. ;)

Tamar SB said...

Great shot, Yolanda!

Nicki said...

not a fail - not by any measure. I'm aiming to miss at least 3 weeks of hunting just to catch my breath and get refreshed. I'm pretty sure there is no age limit to this procedure - so you're welcome to come along.

Great fence shot by the way.
oh, and I'm thinking of making some salty devils chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. I might even photograph them just for your entertainment since you have tormented me (us) with scads of delicious food over the past few months. {yea, I've give up any dreams of a bathing suit season and don't plan on going down alone!}

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely fence picture. I seriously wouldn't consider this a fail as you are a very busy young lady.

EarlK said...

I always say live life fully, and it sounds like you are. Love the fence with its texture and then Kim's texture. Great shadows.


Nancy Claeys said...

Much more important to live your life than worry about blogging, in m opinion Yolanda. You are too young to be worried about such things.

Oman said...

Such a cute blog name :)

Joyelle Brandt said...

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Thank you,
Joyelle Brandt, Texture Tuesday fan