Thursday, May 23, 2013

They're all growed up! A is for Alissa and Alanna

Yes these first two pictures are the same chick! They grow up SO fast its unbelievable. In the first picture she is a week old, and in the second picture she is a month and two weeks old.

Now I will try to turn a super long story into a semi short one:
Me and one of my best friends are absolutely crazy and come up with some creepy and crazy things. I had the awesome idea to tell her that we named the baby goat that was born just that day after her (hint: I didn't really.) and she was like "What?! I am so honored!" Then I was kind of like oh...well I didn't really name a goat after her but she thinks that I did so what do I do since the goat already has a name? Name a chick after her of course! So I named my favorite chick after her and that was that. Meet Alissa!

 An adorable buff orpington! She is so small still so she can squeeze through all of the little cracks, that basically means that she is the naughtiest!

Since I am so creative with coming up with new names for animals I decided to name this one Alanna after a 6 year old hen that I had since they look so much alike.

And once again, I re-used an old name. We had a awesome rooster who only lived to be a year or so old named Petey and this little guy looks a lot like he did so that is his name! He is also one of the very unfortunate roosters who never come out of their awkward stage.

I love flashbacks seeing how much they have grown! Soon(ish) I will most likely be selling all of the roosters and just keeping the hens.

P.S. We finally started building the chicken coop today! I am so so excited to finally be starting this project. I will have one main coop which will be bigger and then since I am so obsessed with having a really pretty coop with some really cool architecture we will be building a really small one to put in a pasture or something :)

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Bi Ti said...

What lovely 'portraits' and names. I love baby chicks, I used to have some when I was a child and was a bit disappointed when they grew into hens :). Thank you Yolanda for sharing them with us at

Have a beautiful long weekend!

Pam Beers. said...

Wonderful pictures! They do grow fast. Soon you'll have eggs. Take care.

fredamans said...

Love seeing how much they've changed. I really enjoy the difference in their colors too.

Vicki said...

How adorable they are! What a difference a few months can make!!

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Chicks are so cute and grown chickens can be pretty with their shiny feathers, but at this age they seem to be like awkward pre teen agers. But yes, they will grow.

Esther Joy said...

My son-in-law loves chickens. He and my daughter have several kinds, but I think his favorite is those buff colored ones.

Monica said...

I love your chicks. We'd hoped to have chickens once settled in a new home, but we just don't have the space. :(

amanda | wildly simple said...

Great shots of them all!
The only rooster we ever had was a handsome Rhode Island Red we named Pete.
After a few winters he began to get very ornery, and his toes would freeze because he would strut all the time, unlike the sensible hens, who would roost and keep their toes tucked in and warm. (I'm told this is common.) He really had some fiesty spurs as he got older and ornery-er too.
I'm all for having just hens! :)

Nina said...

They're so Unique, each of them! Such a special experience it must be to be able to follow their Development :)

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I think it's the latest issue of Country Living that has some chicken coops. They're really cute and you can enter to win one or two of them. I meant to enter because my son has chickens. They name their chickens too. They're pets...not food! Enjoyed the story about the name. Good choice for letter A and Alphabe Thursday.

Katherines Corner said...

great photos! Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

Jenny said...

It is astonishing how fast everything grows up... Too fast if you ask me!

I love the details in your photographs...

They really are amazing animals and that's a really sweet story behind the name.

Awesome post for the letter A!