Thursday, May 09, 2013

Nicki from Bended Road Photography

Hello everyone :) Today I have a very special lady with a guest post since I am away on a mini vacation. I can truthfully say that her blog is one of my very favorites and a lot of the time her SHS posts crack me up. Especially this one.
Please head over to her blog and show her some love and maybe follow her! Take it away Nicki...



Hello,  my name is Nicki.

I am a middle age woman (ever so slightly tipping the scale to the flip-side of that benchmark).
I grew up in a one stoplight town, moved away for college, tried city living for awhile, and eventually moved back to the country.
I went through adolescence to music by Chicago, Boston, Journey, ELO and Queen.
I still love pop music - much to the joy and chagrin of my children.
I've been known to bust-a-move in the Best Buy parking lot to music over their PA system. {they stopped playing music - pity!}
I have been employed since I was in the 9th grade and about 10 years ago gave it up to work from home to focus more attention on my children.
I am a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend.  I have not perfected any of these roles, learning as I go.
I no longer have my parents but feel closer to them with each passing day as I am often stopped in my tracks when I hear myself sounding or thinking JUST . LIKE . THEM.

I blog.
I sorta tweet.
I am getting schooled in Instagram.

. . .

So what am I doing on a young lady's blog you might ask.  Join the crowd because ever since I said yes to a 'guest post' request I have been asking myself that very question.  What the heck do I say to the audience of a teenage blogger?  What can I possibly share that is new and fresh? (which is what I find so appealing about Yolanda's posts and photography)

Me, I tend to post and yammer on about flowers, not cool stuff like tie-dyed skirts.


Unlike Yolanda's enticing cookies or muffins, I rarely make anything picture worthy.
Generally speaking, I am a utilitarian cook who is perpetually on a diet;
neither of which makes for mouth watering photography. 
. . . a snack will have to do.


I thought briefly about posting some tips on getting through adolescence:
for example, just because you have it in every color doesn't mean you should wear it in every color.


but then I remembered that the last time I actually circulated appearance advise it was to a pre-teen.
Once my daughter hit middle school, if I even so much as glanced at something 
it was immediately and unceremoniously deemed "horribly lame".

I never realized how bad my mom must have felt when she went from being the master of all knowledge to being uncool, completely out of touch with style,  fashion, 
and generally lacking good taste. 
Talk about from Hero to Zero - walk a mile in a mom's shoes. 

[the up-side: when your kids have their own kids, 
suddenly you were even smarter and more amazing than originally thought.  
Circle of life - gotta love it!]

so I'll leave you with something someone I am good at photographing

Yea, he's no litter of baby chicks, but he is just as entertaining.


Have a good day and if you don't mind - leave Yolanda a little love
(bless her heart, what was she thinking when she asked me to step in !!?!).



Nancy Claeys {dot} Com said...

Awww -- bless your heart Nikki. So nice of you to fill in for Yolanda. Loved this post and learning more about you. And all of your photos are awesome. xo

Kathy McB said...

Great job Nikki!

amanda | wildly simple said...

I enjoyed every word (and photo) of this!
Hope you're having a fun vacation, Yolanda. And I'm very glad to have met you, Nikki! I already opened your link in a new tab so i can head over.