Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Hint Of Color + An Interview With Scarlett

Here I am writing this...and I am seriously considering letting little Scarly write this post for me because I don't really feel like writing it, and because I think it would kind of awesome to have her do that. So I am going to try and have a conversation with her and I will type it all out so you guys can either laugh at it in either a good way or a bad way, your choice.
Me: Scarly, why are you throwing kitchen utensils around the kitchen?
S: Bobby bitz! Aht. Deb da dey! Boop! *screams*
Me: Scarly, why did you just stick your tounge out at me?
S: Woah! Gravel! Va voo. Da me.
Me: Scarly, why do you like Dora?
S: Mm. Bee. DORA!!! Uh oh.
Me: Scarly! Where are you going? Don't play with those rubber fishies that have hooks on them!
S: Mm bat de do de do baba time. Ooh way way, ooh way way. *gurgle*
A bay ty. Wha?
Thank you Scarly for that...wonderful...and charming...interview. Yes you can go play with the dora toys now.
Whew, now that thats over I can officially catch up on my 836 blogs that I haven't barely read in a week. Or i could just go outside...and do something since its actually warm out.


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Anonymous said...

Ha ha!

And that's a great shot!

Heather said...

Gorgeous shot and edit!

Kim Cunningham said...

Well said, Scarly. Well Said. ;)

Nice image!

Nina said...

Your Photo is beautiful, Yolanda!!!
And the conversation so fun & sweet :)

Sue said...

Such an articulate little daughter you have...


McGuffy Ann said...

Great post!

Nancy Claeys said...

You are too funny. LOL!

AJ Collins said...

:) Cute! New follower~ via inspired Tuesday:) I love interviews with little people.

EarlK said...

Great commentary to go along with the photo, which is very nice.


Anonymous said...

Love the conversation! I would certainly vote for going outside while the weather is nice. I love your photo of the blossoms.