Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Texture Wednesday

So it has been raining for the past couple days, it sucks. Everyone is cooped up inside with cabin fever driving each other crazy. Especially us girls being loud and slightly obnoxious. Then last night we get an ice storm it is really cool yet not good because everything is coated in ice and looks totally cool and makes for some awesome pictures (come back tomorrow to see them!) but trees are falling over which is not too awesome. But anyway, here are some textured photos!

Textures with Kim's Sybil and Minus 43

Textured with a Anna Lenabem texture

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kkkkaty said...

Oh I love the moon photo and what you did with it!

Nina said...

Hi Yolanda, Yoyr moon photography has such a dreamy atmosphere - very beautiful!

Nancy Claeys said...

Yolanda, you are becoming quite the texture artist! These are lovely.

Indi said...

Great blog..lovely pictures.. nice information!!! Will visit your blog regularly, like I visit for videos and info of India.. cheers!!

EarlK said...

Love the two birds on the wire.


Barb said...

Hope the sun has given you a reprieve. I like the textures.

Desirae R said...

That second image looks really cool!