Saturday, April 06, 2013

SHS 4.6.13.

I hope you are all prepared for my worst week of SHS ever 'cause that is what this is. Enjoy (or not)

Recipe here. Cookies are always comforting.
 This is the closest I got to doing anything in the kitchen this week. Cereal.
In The Kitchen

I have been texting a lot lately, texting is what happens when you have really funny friends that have spring break.
 Sunny and warm days this week. Awesomeness.
 We actually got a pretty sunset. Boo-yah.


Carletta said...

I thought your ideas were terrific.
I wish I'd thought of cereal. :)
Beautiful sunset!!

abrianna said...

I made cranberry chocolate chip cookies last month. My recipe called for soaking the cranberries in brandy first.

Sunset picture is beautiful. I laughed about your kitchen comment this week :)

Tamar SB said...

Gorgeous sky, Yolanda! Those cookies look divine!

Nina said...

Oh the cookies look so tasty, Yolande - Carnberries go so well wth chololate - Yum :) Such a beautiful sun set - a lovely silhuette of the trees and roofs!

Kara Claflin said...

Beautiful sunset and those cookies look very good too.

Nicki said...

Heck yea, cookies are definitely in the 'comfort food' category - especially homemade, warm and fresh. Great idea on the cell phone shot and that sunset - Boo-yah indeed.

Thanks for noticing my ability to stay up late enough to post earlier. Probably have to take a nap today to make up for it (kidding, just kidding, sorta...).

Have a great weekend Yolanda.

Megan Bailey said...

The sunset photo is pretty great! And I really like your take on chatterbox! Good job!

Ruth Kelly said...

Your cookies sound so delicious that I might make some too.

Ida said...

Goodness I didn't think this was a bad set at all.
Cookies are comforting. I wanted to make some Cranberry bread this weekend but couldn't find any frozen berries at the store.
That is an awesome sunset photo and I thought a clever idea for chatterbox.

Patti G said...

Beautiful sunset - and a great set.
I think we are our own worst critics! LOL!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

These were all great! Love the cookies..they sound good! Yay for warm and sunny days. I hope we get some of that this week!

Anonymous said...

The cookies look positively delicious! I love the two shots outside.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Can't go wrong with choc chip cookies.

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

yum cookies