Friday, April 19, 2013

Searching For Green

1. Tomorrow is going to be the first sunny day in almost a week and I plan on being outside all day working on all kinds of different things. I can't wait!

2. We have a bunch of tulips coming up but I doubt any of them will bloom. They are so deep in the ground!

3. As I write this it is snowing/hailing on one side of the house and the other side has blue skies and no snow. Weird.

4. I think Blake Shelton is absolutely hilarious. And I could probably watch him all day.

5. The kittens are getting SO big! They will be four weeks old tomorrow and are so cute... Now that I think of it I don't think I even said anything about them being born :O Maybe pictures sometime in the next week though!

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amanda said...

Yolanda! You've got some green! (in the form of something other than pine trees!) Yay!!
Oh, boy - you should see things here today.

Patti G said...

Feeling your pain with the gloomy weather!
Let's hope it turns around soon!

Mary said...

Yes! Kitten pics for sure! :)

I hope your tulips blossom after all the cold and odd weather you're having!

Adrienne said...

Crazy weather...and I'm with you where Blake is concerned - makes me laugh! Seems like such a great, fun guy!

LisaS said...

They will bloom -just give them time ;)

Natashalh said...

I love it! Great pictures of the first signs of spring.

alicia said...

Love seeing the little shoots popping through- such fighters! And the random Blake Shelton note made me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing your spring finds and linking to our Nurture Photography Challenge!

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Wierd weather. Rain on one side and sun on the other I have seen. Snow and hail, no.

Anonymous said...

That does take the top prize for weird weather. Hope you got to enjoy your sunshine!