Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

Hello everyone...its is muffin time!

OK say I on accident used one egg instead of two. Do you think that would ruin the recipe? Because that is what I did. And they didn't turn out too well. The texture was all wrong and that is all my fault. I plan on making these again with the right number of eggs and I'm pretty sure it will make them so much better!

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P.S. Thank you to Kimberly for the idea to just make my own recipe card! Since blogger doesn't have a add on like Wordpress I have been searching for a solution and apparently I don't have the brains to think of something so simple?


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

okay so those look absoulty amazing!!! thanks for sharing :)!

Nicki said...

They still look pretty darn good. I totally suck at remembering to take pictures during and after making something. Part of that is because of the peanut gallery comments ("OMG, she's now photographing our dinner!!!") and because we are watching our Ps and Qs with eating healthier and baked goodies are a no-no. (as the peanut butter cookies are calling to me from the cookie basket ... ahem!).

Thanks for all your helpful comments on my blog redesign. My daughter totally agreed with you and now I have reduced to 1200 width. If only I could reduce my waist line as easily.

Have a great day Yolanda.

Holly McDonald said...

mmmmm these look great, even with out the extra egg! I'm pinning these for later, I have been on such a cinnamon kick lately!

Holly at Not Done Growing