Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stormy Letters...

Dear weather: Really? Rain for the past week and now freezing rain, and then sometime today it is supposed to start snowing! 4-6 inches of snow in April should not be allowed.

Dear freezing rain: You made for some totally awesome pictures (and lots of them!). But since when is it nice to weigh down the trees so much that they snap, crack, break and make loud noises?

Dear Spring: I've been sending you letters for the past four weeks asking where you are and you have just decided not to respond? That is just plain rude.

Dear Blog Friends: If you have any blog posts with sun, flowers and green or just any Springy stuff, feel free to leave me the link so I can visit and pretend that Spring is actually coming.

Dear Wonderful Neighbor: On Tuesday you came by and said how sorry you were that you were way on vacation when our fire happened. Then you offered to give us two dozen baby chicks who were starting to hatch as you were talking. Oh my gosh! I was basically speechless as you can imagine. And managed to ask you what kind they were and when you said ameraucana/barred rock/rohde island red  mix I literally squealed. THANK YOU.

Dear baby chicks: Oh yayy!!! I am soo soo excited for you little guys! I basically haven't had any of you for a year, and even then it was only like 3 of you! I can't wait to have a zillion photo shoots :)

Dear Hens: The only reason you are still here is because you were in our 'hospital ward' in the basement when the fire happened. For that I am so happy :) And soon you will have little friends to play with!

Dear Pinterest: I love you.

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mail4rosey said...

LOL and totally relating to your sentiments. :)

Flock Mistress said...

BEAUTIFUL photos. But my heart really goes out to you and everyone else living where it feels like Spring will never arrive.

Kim said...

The pictures are really cool, especially the fence...but I'm starting to feel sorry for you. :)

Tatiana said...

I can't provide any nice photos... pretty sure that this will be us tomorrow :( can't wait to read about your chicks though!

amanda said...

It's like I read your mind, with my "all green" post today! Either that, or you read mine - since you already visited before I even left a link! :)
Ugh.. it's the winter that won't end. I like winter. I live in northern MN, afterall.. I'd be a pretty unhappy person if I wasn't at peace with winter. But I agree, we are supposed to be moving on to SPRING now. Normally my kids are catching frogs by now, we're enjoying fresh air, and birds returning. Trees budding. Things coming to LIFE.
Nope, it's stark, cold, quiet, and colorless. And frozen.

Sad about the ice storm, we had one last April, that devastated our trees. But it sure makes for beautiful photos! I LOVE your array of ice photos! We just got snow out of the deal, but by morning there might be some ice. I'll scope it out.

My little 6 yr. old nephew is hatching out about 20-30 chicks right now.. we haven't had chickens in quite a few years, but I'm thinking of getting some from him. He's THRILLED about them.
Can't wait to see pics of your little ones!

Bi Ti said...

Dear Yolanda,

Here are the flower fields of Carlsbad to cheer you up :)

I love your photos, my favorite is the cloth pins iced over but they are all gorgeous.

Thank you so much for coming to our ready to waltz party :)

Lmkazmierczak said...

Spring sure is taking its time arriving...but your photos are sharp♫ My Waltz:

Meri said...

I'm sharing your joy over wonderful neighbors and baby chicks. . . Pinterest is good too. And I'm with you -- no snow or freezing stuff in April!