Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Chickens

These pictures aren't anything special but I wanted you all to see how much my babies have grown and how they are all totally awesome. You can see them here as tiny little babies and here as awkward teenagers.

34 chickens. 3 of them range from 3-6 years old and the rest are all my amazing batch of babes that hatched (on two different farms)in April. If I do say so myself, this batch of chicks is the best batch of chicks that I have ever had. And the biggest variety. Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, breeds that I have no idea what they are ect.

I mean just look at them! This picture only has 21 of them in it but it gives you the general idea of the range of colors I have.
The buffs have such fluffy butts. And no, that isn't weird.

 In the post where they were all awkward teenagers I said this guy (Petey) would probably never grow out of his awkward stage and would always be weird looking but look at him, he is smokin'.

I am so glad that they are finally almost full grown! I prefer full grown chickens rather then little chicks so this is the best time.

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A Quiet Corner said...

Yolanda, I follow via Feedly...hope that's OK and yes, that dude is smokin'!!!!! In fact, if I were a hen.....LOL!!!...:)JP

Nicki said...

I know today has been a long one, very busy - but did you just refer to a chick as "smokin"? Darlin, you need to get out more. You do have a good flock (is it called a flock?).

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful - colorful flock!

Madeline said...

Chickens! How fun. They look awesome!

Nancy said...

You have some great breeds there Yolanda! Your rooster is a handsome lad. :)